Vastu and Feng shui

You can bring happiness and prosperity in your home by doing Vaastu and Feng Shui.

According to Vastu, the construction of the house and the decoration of the house:
Vastu defect should be kept in mind while constructing a house or flats. Creating houses in today's time is a very difficult task. Because building a house free of Vastu defects is a difficult task to build a house. Because the working person does not get time to find the land. The land is getting reduced to other houses. According to Vastu, the main entrance towards north east is considered to be very auspicious. But it is not possible for every person to get a house or shop with a north-east gate.

South east - the kitchen, the furnace, generator, or electric meter should be placed in this direction at this location.

North West - This corner of the house should have a married girl's room. Or guests should arrange accommodation.

South west - Here the landlord must have a sleeping room of Swam. There should be a bedroom, store, at this place, as well as any heavy item in the house at this place.

The center of the house i.e. the Brahma space - the place in the middle of the house is called the Brahma place. Generally there should be very little luggage in this place. If there is some empty land on the Brahmo place then it is considered as good for the women of the house. Creating a Basil post in this place, there is peace and happiness in the house. Do not forget to build a toilet or a safetytank   tank at this Brahmo place.

Benefits from Feng Shui:

False Feng Shui in its true sense means that air and water is in the balance , is called Feng Shui. Chienese people is the architecture of fengshui , which has gradually spread throughout the world. The way Vastu is taken care of at the time of the formation of the house, after the formation of the house, the negative energy of the house can be converted into positive energy after the use of Feng Shui. The biggest difference in Vastu and Feng Shui is that the house has to be broken into the house due to the Vastu defect, while the Feng Shui remedies can only be removed from the Vastu Dosh. The bells in Feng Shui Basuri, fish aquarium, water fountains are planted. Which are also quite excellent and influential.

Pleasure, affluence and good luck can be found by changing the interior and outer atmosphere of the house from Feng Shui to positive energy.

Madarin Duck for the marriage of a boy:

To overcome the obstacle coming in the boy's wedding, first of all, the boy's sleeping room should be looked at. In the room of a single young man, if there is more of the use of men, then in his room, things related to women immediately should be kept in more quantity. Like photos of beautiful flowers and beautiful women. In the southwest corner of the bedroom of the unmarried young man, a pair of Maddin Ducks must be kept. Or two crystal hair should be hung. This gives the opportunity for the boy's wedding to come soon. And the boy gets the life partner he wants. Well, if a couple of madder ducks keep a new couple in their room then their love increases. Because the Ducks  never makes another pair.

To overcome the obstacle in the girl's marriage:

Piano  is called the queen of flowers, putting it in the drawing room or in the southwest corner of the marriageable girl, the good relationship starts for the girl, and the unmarried girl gets the groom's wish. After marriage, Piano paintings should be gifted to the girl. If the newly married couple keep it in their bedroom, their love will increase further.

Navratna plant

Navaratna leaves the plant in the house, the new house becomes calm.

Keeping Amethaus's plant in the house increases wealth and property.
By keeping the plant of Cornellian in the house, career progresses and self-esteem increases.
Placing a stone plant in the house increases courage.
fish arowana  in the house or in the office increases the fate
Phoenix is ​​a reddish bird that never dies, it is always immortal. Applying a painting or painting of a Phoenix bird in the home or office south of the office gives success in the job promotion and business.

Laughing bugs to get riches:

The idol of Laughing Buddha is considered as a symbol of wealth, happiness and prosperity. The face of Laughing Buddha gives us the inspiration to always be present. The rising stomach of Laughing Buddha takes the sickness of his family and his grief. And in return gives pleasure. The idol of Laughing Buddha is not worshiped. It should always be kept at the height of three feet from the ground. The idol of Laughing Buddha should always be kept in front of the meeting room or main entrance. The face of the laughing bug should always be on the outside side. The idol of Laughing Buddha should not be kept in the toilet, kitchen, or bathroom.

Education Tower:

If children do not feel like studying or do not remember them, keeping Education Tower on their study table, there are good marks in the examination. And he remembers them for a lifetime. The Education Tower should be placed in children's reading room on red clothes or on red paper.
There should not be any electricity or telephone pillar in front of the main entrance of the house.
Stairs in front of the main door

There should not be a stairs in front of the main entrance.
Do not apply Mahabharata or violence picture in the house.
There should not be windows on both sides of the main door.
There should not be a toilet or bath in front of the main entrance of the house.
The windows should open outside.
Do not dry out clothes at night.
Do not plant cactus plants inside the house.
Closed khoya is unlucky in the house.
Cover the broom and keep the litter donation always hidden.
knife and pointed things   do not give any gifts to anyone.
Do not burn in the kitchen near the sink.
Do not keep dry flowers inside the house anytime.

Advantages of FengShui and Vastu