This book of vashikaran contains a deep research and  correction  and experience .peoples  who  have a great interest in vashikaran tantra should read this book. The motive to write this book is not only to aware you from my  research , instead this book is written with the point of view of all of your capability  and emotions. While writing and preparing this book one thing we had careful that busy persons cannot  take time for sadhna – tantra –mantra.and that why they do not have knowledge of enunciation ,resolution,appropriation. They even  cannot take time from their busy schedule  to chant the mantra of vashikaran or do some sadhna . but on some special days like holi , Diwali ,lunar or solar eclipse  you can take some few hours to do vashikaran , than you will see the real magic and effect of vashikaran power. Whatever the orders of tantric guru and holybooks but the truth is just because of some bad people or fake people ,humans are not believing on this.

1-vashikaran sadhna for secret power sadhna

2-by using vashikaran tantra to get your loved ones

3-vashikaran totke and true information of spells

4-correct time for vashikaran sadhna