Vashikaran Totka For Husband

If  your  husband  is  in illegal relationship , if   he  is   alcoholic  or  has  any  other  bad  habit  , if husband is  not respecting you  , if he abused you or fight   with  you , abusing  your parents or relatives , if  he  point our  fingure  on  your character ,  if he  always  telling a lie , if  he  force  you to make relation with him , if  he  not allowed  you to go your parents home , if there is any  dosh  in your husband  kundali , if  he  only follows  his  parents  orders  and  neglecting  you , if there is  any  black   magic  or  negative  thing  on  your   husband or  he  is  in  control  of  any  other spirit , so  you  can  easily  use  the  spells  which  is  given  below and  you can  easily   get  ride  from all  these  problems  .


Important  ingredients :-

5gram hing , one peacock feather , 50gram black salt


Whenever you are in your periods than at night put hing under your husbands pillow and put black salt around his legs now take peacock feather and  place it on your husband body and doing this throw the black salt  and  hing out from  your  house . and place the peacock feather safely in your home , if  you will not get the result completely repeat it one more time , but there is no possibility of this because  you will definatly get the result.  You cal also do this spell on Saturday or Tuesday  night .  

Husband VashikaranTotka