Traditional Hidden Spell To Attract Lover

Traditional Hidden Spell To Attract Lover,you will need a colour map of your lover’s  city or village  where he/she is living ,  for attracting  him/her .

One box of iron  needles.

Small parts of magnet.

Spread the iron needles  all over  the  colour map of his / her village , and   pray  that wherever you are , I am calling  you ,want you for  life time.

Now make a circle of  anticlockwise of small parts of magent   on the map , so that the iron needles  which you have earlier spread will collected by magnet.

Pray continuously , that like magnet  attracts the needles ,exactly  you will attract towards me , my love is true for you and I want you for my whole life.

Now put the needles  into a small wooden box with magnet  near  your home door .

 At any night of  brightest  moon , light  the  green candle  , after that the box that you have put near the door will shine with the flame and glow of this candle.

After that  leave this things  at  that  place  and  repeat this until  your love is back.

Timing:- at night of brightest moon between 11pm-1am.

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Traditional Hidden Spell To Attract Lover