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Through the Vashikaran, any man or women can be subdued by super vashikaran specialist  and any work can be done. Vashikaran's powers are used in many countries of the world including India. The goddesses or jinns, ghost can also be subdued under the supernatural powers of Vashikaran. To achieve captivating powers, the seeker has to follow certain rules too. There is doubt in achieving success without following rules. Once you have achieved the Vashikaran Mantra, it becomes easy for the seeker to achieve your goal. Apart from man or woman, animals can be subdued under the Vashikaran mantra. A certain number of energies arises  in the atmosphere by chanting the Vashikaran Mantra in a certain number. By which the seeker gets the power of emotions and the desire of the seeker is fulfilled. Then it happens that the seeker wants. This is the three main methods of vashikaran , mantra and yantra sadhana for captivating, from which the system is the main. Through the system, the seeker produces special types of sea waves which is helpful in fulfilling the desires of the seeker. The wave emerging from the Mantra power  influences any woman or man towards the seeker and offers a rewarding effect.

The life of every human being is filled with ambition and love. It is only the desire of every person that all his wishes are fulfilled easily. But life has to struggle every moment due to the obstacles coming in it. True happiness can be achieved in life through a few simple practices to overcome obstacles in life. The effect of vesting can be generated from this mechanism, mantra, or instrument. Vashikaran is not alone in itself, it also contains hypnosis, Mohini Bidya, and attraction.

It is very easy to be sprayed with mantras and mechanisms. The energy received from the tantra and mantra is established in the Yantra. A habit of prostration is only an exemplary form of hypnosis. Through hypnosis, any man or woman is given the hymn to act. But many times the man or woman refuses to do that work without being hypnotized, but a man or woman who has been vested can not dare to avoid any order of the seeker. With vashikaran, the seeker succeeds in getting his work done. Ritual of Mantra and Yantra is considered to be very powerful for the achievement of Vashikaran.

If the practice of Vashikaran is done with full faith and reverence then success definitely comes. There is no result of the cultivation of vishikaran, which has been accomplished by the rules. And the seeker feels the hand of failure, while practicing vashikaran should follow with the power of rules.

Vashikaran Kalash  - It is considered very good to establish silver vase in the cultivation of Vashikaran. Bronze  kalash can also be used if copper urn is not available.

Vashikaran Mala  - Vashikaran should be used in the cultivation of pearl or garland of pure mud. It should be noted that before embarking in the garland, it is necessary to do the mantra's life status by chanting the correct mantra in proper numbers. It is advisable to use the beads of 27 or 108 grains of pearls or muds.

Method of Chanting Vashikaran Mantra - According to the chanting of the Mantras of Vashikaran, sitting on the established posture, the right hand should be rotated with the middle finger and the thumb. Also, the Vashikaran Mantra should be read in a very short voice.

Before chanting the Mantras of Vashikaran, the Vashikrann mantra should be worshiped with the ink of the Ashtagandh in the Bhoj pada and worshiped with Dhup Deep and Naubeda. Then, by pouring water into the water of a copper vessel, keeping the stream of water on the Bhoj patra,

But there is no need to perform this action in the chant of Shabar Vashikaran Mantra.

Ashwani, Kartik, Margashis, Phalguna, Aashad, and Savan months have been considered auspicious for the cultivation of Vashikaran - The right month for the achievement of Vashikh. Kartik and Ashwin are considered to be the best in all of them.
To achieve the fulfillment of Vashikaran, the time of the Shukla Paksha, i.e, the rising moon day
It is considered quite good.
For the practice of Vashikaran, Tantric mostly gives priority to the month of spring. According to the proven men, in the twenty-four hours between sunrise to the next sunrise, every four hours is considered suitable for meditation. Four hours before sunrise is considered as the spring period, which is the most suitable time for the cultivation of vasikaran.
Dates for vashikaran - Date of Navami, Dashami, Ekadashi, Purnima, and Amavasya for Vashikaran Siddhi has been considered to be auspicious. Well Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are suitable for the cultivation of Vashikaran.
Auspicious time for captivating achievement - For Vashikaran sadhana, it is auspicious for two hours from four o'clock in the morning. Aries, Virgo, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn wedding are considered to be auspicious for cultivating vashikaran.
Direction for Vashikaran sadhana - The spiritual practice of Vashikaran is considered to be auspicious by only facing the direction of the north.

Vashikaran Totke

  • Raja praja is subdued by burying the root of the banyan in water and consuming it.
  • 2- To subdue the enemy, by placing the name of the enemy on it with the red sandal on the whole banquet, and then immerse it in the pure honey, then the enemy becomes subdued.

3 - Mix the octagonal or green gram in the banana juice, mix it with goroch, and apply tilak, it is effective cassation.

4 - By mixing the red sandal, gorochan or lotus leaf, grinding it with its tilak, all the man or woman becomes enslaved.

5 - In the root of the Basil plant, add ashes, saffron, ash, cloves and grobha ashes to the head of the Tulsi plant and after twenty-one days after mixing tulsi's soft leaves with sweets, tea, or offerings. Even boys or girls will feed them together and they will be in control.

6 - By acquiring the hair of any young man or woman, chanting of Mantras of Vashikaran 108 and keeping it together with your child, the young man or the young woman will be in your control.

7 - To control any woman, on Saturday, on the lotus leaf, by writing the name of woman from Gorochi, the woman always remains in control by applying the tilak of the same leaf.
8 - In order to control the lover, mixing gorochana and fish bile together, grinding it, by applying tilak on the boy's head, the boy remains under the control of the girlfriend throughout his life. This remedy can be done by the wife to subdue her husband. Husband becomes a slave for a lifetime.

9 - By acquiring the children of any kind of woman and pressing her in the soil with the lump of assholes, she pisses on him constantly, then the woman will become enslaved.

10- With the soft leaves of Jiyapotee's plant grinding it in Gorochi, the woman's husband is always trapped in her trap by placing her vaccine instead of a dot.

Vashikaran Mantra:

All Female - Men Vashikaran Mantra:

0 -Om hrim srim klim sarw purushsarw stri hriday haarini mam vasyam kuru hreem ||

  • Om hreem amukam me vashmaany aakarshanam swaahaa ||
  • Om chaamunde jay – jay stambhay jambhay – jambhay mohay – mohay sarw salwaatram swahaa ||
  • Om gaam gah jum sah amukasy me vasy vasy swahaa ||
  • Om namo bhagwate eshaanaay somse pray vashmaany swaahaa ||
  • Om namo kala kaluaa , kaali raat nishaa ki putli maajhi raat ||

Kalaa kalua , ghat wat , soti ko jagay laao |

Baithi ko uthaay laao , mohioni yogini chal ,|

Raja ki thau , amuki ke man me chatpati lagaao jiyaa le todaa |

Jo koi hamaari ilaaychi khaaye kabhi naa chode hamaaraa saath|

Ghar ko taje baahar ko taje hame taj aur kane jaai |

Jo jaati faat turant mar jaai saty naam aadesh guru kaa |

Meri bhakti guru ki shakti , furo mantra ishwaro bacha |

  • Om bhurbhuwah tats biturrwarnayam bhargi dewasy dhimahi dhiyo yonah prachidayaat ||

Gayatri Vashikaran Mantra has been considered as very effective for the enemy's mind. By this mantra, enemies also become friends. When chanting the mantra, Gayatri Mata should take care of the singular form. Regularly chanting five garlands, your enemy will start behaving in friendship. And you will be able to behave well. It is an effective mantra, its accomplishment ends the quarrel between husband and wife and life becomes happy and blissful. After the fulfillment of Vashikaran Mantra, any woman or man can be hypnotized or attracted. After the mantra is proven, you feed it in any way which you want to control.

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