Spell To Get Lost Love Back

In any month on Sunday take one  bronze  plate  and  place bhojpatra and   with  the  help  of  sindoor  write  down  the  mantra  which  is  given  below  now  light  up  the  11 diye (lamp , candles)  and take one siddhparadshivling place  it on bhojpatra . now chant the mantra which is  given below  for  11000 times . you  have  to  do  this  spell for continuous 11days . when  you  complete  the  chanting for 11000times than after that the mantra will get siddh , and  when it  get siddh it has  the  power of  vashikaran . and  than  after whenever  the person  chant this mantra for 3 times  in front   of  your  lover  he / she  will come back in his/her life and  come  in  your  control  for  life  time .

Ingredients :-

1-bronze plate





6-parad shivling

7- Rosary- red monnga rosary

8-time- at night

9- direction – west

10-duration -11days


Mantra :-

OM namoawasthanimaharajtelka Deepak  , ghee ki jot , fuloki mala , gale biraje ,

Aapkigati koi najane hath pachanu much dhou ,simurauaapkanaamnirantr,

Humarilajrkhomohini ,dophini,sohini, teenobhenoaaoaasmohu pass mohe ,

Sab sansar me tilaklagakarniklu ,jodekhewo bane anjanikeputrakiduhai ,

Meribhakti , guru ki Shakti , furo mantra ishwarobacha .


One thing should be noted don’t  use this spell for harming anyone .

VashikaranTotke  To  get  Your Love Back