Spell To Change Bad Luck Into Good Luck

If your all work , business , family relationship gets destroyed because of your bad luck and if you want that your luck will be good for life time , so , use this spell by which your bad luck converted into good luck.

You will need :

 A black candle

One orange candle

One large bowl of black salt

One knife

Spell:-  take the black candle and with the help of knife write down on the candle that bad luck go away , and take orange candle and write on it that good luck come and stay with me.

Now light up the black candle and pray that bad luck go away from my life and don’t come again.

After that light up the white candle and pray good luck please stay with me , don’t go back , fill my life with peace and happiness.

Now take a pinch of black salt  and add It to the flame of orange candle and say burn light and light the way to good fortune.

After doing this extinguish the  black candle , saying bad luck go away from my life and don’t come back.

Let the orange candle burn for few minutes and blow it up after saying , I am lucky , I have good luck , I have all things that I want.

You have continue this spell at continuous three days. You will see slowly slowly your bad luck converted into good luck.

Timing:- start on Saturday night

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