Spell To Become Rich

You will need :

One blue candle

One bottle color should be dark purple.

Some  amount  of  black  salt

First  of  burn up the candle with the matchstick, now take the bottle and hold it in  front  of  the  candle  so, that  the  flames  of  candles  reflect into  the  bottle. and  loudly  say- I wish  that  my dream  to become  rich  comes  true and  very  soon  I will be a  richest  person  of  the  world.

Now, add one pinch  of black  salt on the bottle and  repeat  this  words  loudly  and  say  all  the  sadness, sorrows, all obstacles, all problems  please  melt  with  this  candle  and  only  happiness and  peace  live   with  me.

 Now  take  the  bottle near  to  your  mouth and  blow  into  it  with  your  dreams.

 Now  cap  tightly  the  bottle.

Now after  tightening   the  bottle  again  put  the  bottle  near  to  the  candle  and  repeat  your wish and  dreams.

After  doing  this  let  the  candle  burn and  keep  place  the  bottle  in  a  secret  place .

You  have  to  keep  hold  the  bottle  twice a week and  again  repeat  your  wish  and dreams .

you will see  very  soon your  all dreams comes  true.

Timing: on any Saturday night  or   start  it  on  full moon

Become Rich Within 1hour