Spell Of How To Win Gambling Or Lottery

if you are going to play gambling or want to win lottery then here we are telling you the spell by which you will win jackpot and always be a winner of gambling.

You will need :

 You have to take one new note and the other note should be double of first.

One yellow envelop

Dried rose petals , one rose perfume

One black pen


Spell :  place the one low cost note in the  yellow envelop , and write down on the envelop that god please double my amount , and and try to get rich and make me richest person .

And spread dried rose petals on the envelop and pray that please god make me richest person on the earth . this will is good , the spell is  right , double my money overnight.

And now at next morning , open the envelop and take out the money and repeat your prayer again .

Now you have to replace that note with some big note and add larger  amount in it . and again repeat that prayer . you have to do this spell continuous 3days .

After three days take out the note from the envelop and use it in the gambling or lottery , you will see definatly you will win the bumper amount.

Timing :-  start on Saturday

Gambling Spell