Protection From Curses|| The Evil Eye And ILL Intentions

You will need:

A black marker

One blank paper sticker

One large mirror whose background should be dark red

A blue candle

One bowl of water and also take some drops of coconut oil


First  of  all you have to draw a pair of eyes with the help of marker on the back side of mirror


Now burn up the blue candle and also take the mirror in your one hand so that the reflection of the candle will  appear  on  the  mirror.

After this   you  have  to  pray   that  evil eyes  of  any  person , the  person  who jealous  from me please  go  out  and  only  fill  my  life  with  love  and   happiness.  All  the  negative  energy ,all the black magic powers please disappear  or  reflect it back.just go from my life and live wherever you want but go out from my life.

Now one the mirror put some salt,water and coconut oil’s few drops  and repeat the prayer at 11 times.

After doing this just  clean  the  mirror and kept it with you in a right place.

Place  the  mirror  like  the  background  where  you  have  made  the  evil  eyes  is facing towards  you  and  the  other  side  of  mirror  is  outward.

You  have  to  repeat  the  words  whenever you  meet  with  your  enemy  or  jealous  person but  one thing  should  keep  in  mind  that  you  do  not  make  eye  contact  with  that  person.

Timing :at midnight of Saturday

How To Protect From Curse