Oldest Totke

  1. With the root of Bhogra in the milk of Buffalo , drinking in Swati Nakshatra comes in color. Then the person becomes as dark as the person becomes black
    2- Bada is produced by the Mantra, which is produced on the tree of the betel nut in the Shatbhishan nakshtra , and it is eaten with the milk of Kapila cow's milk.

      3-paan, white truth and vermilion grinding it, all the people become enslaved by tilak.

      4- By mixing the root of Bud with water and mixing it in the water, all of them are subdued.

5- Filling the head of the elephant in the Silver Amulets, the child is protected from the upper winds by wearing the baby to the talisman.

6- The green color, a small piece of brass, a green thread reel, a complete harenda, and the head of the family, without having to throw anyone in the well, if the person disappears from home then comes back home.

7- By mixing your sweating in tea leaves and then drying this bandage in the shade, any girl you drink to this bandage tea will be in your control. Just keep in mind that while you are sweating, you should be in the desire to wish the woman.

8- All the people who came in the house as you came in the house, you note them, now the number of guests is as much as the number of sweet  chapattis  and feeding the animals, the fight of the house ends. The disease goes away from home.

9- After worshiping sunset on Saturday evening, after praying for any accomplishment or for converting your girlfriend, by speaking your name and then calling the name of the beloved, by saying the name of your parents, Lord Sun  should pray that you fulfill this wish of me By taking water in any  dish, take a little bit of it and offer it to the sun god, by fulfilling this, your girlfriend will be in your control.

10- If a woman's husband is less interested in his wife and is attracted to the other woman, then the female cheetah mixed with honey and put it in the pan and feed her husband, then the wife of her husband will give up the sacrifice for the permanent woman. It will be done.

11- Taking seven good cauliflower and seven turmeric tumors into a clean yellow cloth and throwing them across the railway line on Thursday morning is fulfilled. When throwing, you must say your wish.

12- If any person binds Kenaar's banda in Anuradha Nakshatra on his right arm, his enemies calm down.

13 - Mix the juice of Sahadei with basil seeds and prove it. And on Sunday whoever tilak it will attract attraction.

14- On the Sunday of Sunday, on the occasion of the evening, on the head of the Dhobi foot under the soil of Pushy Nakshatra, it will be in your control.

15- If any other woman drinks if she is too happy of any newcomer, then she will be relieved of her family, mental or any other sadness.

16- On the occasion of any month of the Shukal Paksha, doing this trick to get money will end the problem of money. Take a pot and put twenty coins of twenty rupees in it and fill the pot with soil and plant a mint plant in it and sit in the pot of his pot and put a red candle in front of the pot like his right hand, then put the pot on his left hand By wearing a green candle in front, burn both candles and then pray to Lord Kuber for wealth. Now after praying, the candles should be left burning and in other work. If the candle is extinguished then do not burn it again. If you can not get the candle, add sesame oil in the same as well and add red and green color to it. Always keep pouring water in the vessel. In a few days your money problem will be solved.

17- To get rid of the disease, with a yellow stem of stained yellow lemon, sprinkle a needle in it and extract the lime seven times above its head in the opposite direction and put it on any deserted intersection at the same time. Whenever a man or any vehicle passes over the lemon, your sari sickness will go along with him.

18- To overcome obstacles in trade or job, write your problem on a black kite and blow the kite by blowing it high and feel your problem going away from yourself.
19- If the marriage is going on, then to overcome the obstacle in marriage, the marriage barrier on the leaves of a banyan, and the flow of water in flowing water will stop the marriage coming soon.

Different Types Of Beneficial Totke