Money Mantra For Wealth Vashikaran

“ om yakshaye kuberaye vaishravanaaye dhan dhanyadi patye ,

Dhanam dhanam samridhim mein dehi dapaye dapaye swaha “

Kuber is  regarded as thr god of welth in hindu mythology .lord kuber is also known as the god of yakshas.kuber is always remembered with the goddess of fortune. Lakshmi . chanting of kuber mantra blesses the worshipper with the money and prosperity by new sources of income and welth . mantra of kuber helps to increase the flow of funds and the ability to accumulate welth .

Narain Mantra

“ om namo narayenay swaha “

The sage of this mantra is sadhya narain and deity is lord Vishnu . this mantra is recited for sixteen hundred thousand times . homa is done with lotus smeared in honey and sugar . the devotee recites this mantra is blessed with all luxuries in his life .

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