Magical Spell To Protect Yourself From Evil Eyes And Negativity

You will need:

7orange candles

One mogra incense stick

Any small piece of copper

One bowl of  red soil

First of you have to burn up all the candles and place it in anticlockwise, and now you have to chant  some  words  please protect me from evil eyes ,protect me from all the negative energy ,I want to live  a peaceful life ,remove all the negative person,jealous person from my life.

After chanting the words now light up the mogra incense stick and repeat the words.

Now hold the   copper piece in your hand and  draw an evil eyes by imaging with the incense stick and repeat the words.

Now blow up the candles  and  incense  stick .

So,whenever you feel that there is something going wrong in your life just touch the copper piece

Timing : full moon

Solution For Protect From Evil Eye