Kamakhyaa Vashikaran Mantra


“ om namo kamakhya devyei amuk me vashankari swaha “

. Recite the mantra for ten thousand times , replace the name of lady in place of word amuk in the mantra and then recite for siddhi .use the articals by infusing them 7 times and use them for the lady for success .

. Make a powder of tooth of a man and cow .mix it with sarsoon oil to make a paste which be subjected to recitation 108 times of above mantra . apply tilak of paste on your forchead and go to the desired lady for infatuation .

. Ground mansil and talmakhana in juice of betel leaf on Tuesday and exorcise it . put tilak on your forehead and go to lady .

. Procure root of black dhatura during pukhya nakashtra and make a nail of it on Sunday .the nail be put to recitation of mantra on next Sunday .to any lady with whose body this nail is touched will we under vashikaran ,

. Make a power of barely . turmeric , cow urine , ghee and sarsoon . this be applied on your body , after recitation of above mantra and then go to the lady , who will be infatuated .

. Procure on Sunday flowers.leaves . root . trunk . and branch . of black dhatura tree or plant . mix with kesar . kaffoor or campher and gorochan and make a powder of all and exercise the same 108 times . put tilak on your forehead and go before the lady who will be subjected to vashikaran .

. Make a powder of kakjanga , kesar , mansil and tagars and exercise 108 times with this mantra and be preserved . the powder be put on the forehead of any lady who will be infatuated .

Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra