Husband Is in Affair With Another Women

Jinnati powers are also used to remove Sautan  from husband’s life. Jinnati means that the demonic power will overpower Sautan and it will start to shock the shawl. She will start to tear her clothes and her  body will be crushed and she will fight with your husband in anger. Then in life the woman will never return to your husband's life.
With the help of a cat and a pigeon leftover in the amount of same quantity, make a statue with a little dust of the feet for husband and sautan and with a blue cloth and press it in the cemetery ground. Both husband and sautan will be separated.
On Tuesday, the husband after taking a hamlet in her husband's sweat, and burning a bit of sautan with ash by burning it in ashes.
After making a statue with a little hair or cut nails or piss with any part of the body of a gentleman, after drunking it in liquor or ether, and leaving the Soothing husband after burning in a fire of a firewood Will die or die?
Made a photo of a Sautan  by her hair. Take a camphor also in the effigy of Sautan . Now, in the night of new moon, to the effigy of Sautan, she said that if she does not leave her husband then she will be killed. Now, shoot the arrows of the broom and shoot it in the effigy of Sautan. Your arrows will take place where you will start painting. And she will not even look at your husband's side.


Husband Has Relation With Other Girls