It is from ancient times that men attracts towards women and women attracts towards men. Vashikaran is used to get  attraction power , to attract opposite sex , to get control over others . In our culture there are  so many remedies , spells , rituals to do vashikaran. Exactly like shiv is half without power , same is with performer who is also half without power.for doing vashikaran it is important to have confidence , courage , determination.vashikaran is also used when you loved someone and he/she is far from you , or you had breakup , if your partner want divorce , if he/she is in relationship with others etc. while performing vashikaran one thing should always kept in mind that do not use this for harming others . for doing powerful vashikaran and for getting effective result follow the given spell , once you will do this spell you will  get instant results. This is one of the powerful vashikaran spell by which within few hours your loved ones come in your vashikaran control.

On any Sunday ,pull some hair of your loved ones silently and also buy one doll  from market . now on Sunday night light up 11 black candles and also place that doll . now put that hairs on the doll ,now give sindoor , bangles to that doll  and pray from god that the person I want to get control soon come in my vashikaran power and also chant the given mantra which is given below at 108 times. You have to do this continuously 7 days. But start from Sunday . after chanting the mantra bury that doll near the house of  that person whom you want to get vashikaran.

Mantra :- om namo naranaye sarvlokan mam vanshye kuru kuru swaha|

How lover Vashikara Is Successful