How to do vashikaran

Vashikaransadhna has that much power which  can convert the impossible thing into possible. Vashikaransadhna  can  even grow plant on stone it has that magical  power, it can even  makedead   person alive  . the  meaning  of   vashikaran  is   if   there  is   some  obstacles  in  your  love  life  or  you want  your  lost  love back  than  only  vashikaransadhna  will help you ,it helps   in   fulfling  your all wishes and   make  your  body mentally   and   physically  strong. While  chanting the  vashikaran mantra or doing vashikarantotka  if  nobody disturbs or  interfere  than  it  provides  immediate  results. By using  vashikaran mantra  not  only  humans even  animals   can also  come  in   your  control. But  for  doing vashikaran   the  person  should  have  deep  faith and  trust  that   the vashikaran  ritual that  he  is  going   to  do  will be   succeed . The ritual  of  vashikaran   can  only do  on  Tuesday , Saturday , full moon(puranmasi) , navratri , Diwali , dusshera , basantpanchami ,and holi night .  one  thing   should  always  be   remember  that  do  not  use   vashikaran   ritual   for   harming   any  person .if  you   want  to   attract any   person   weather   he/she , if you   want   to   live   a luxary   life ,  if  you   to   marry  with  your  loved   ones , want that  your  lovers family accepted  you , if you want  to get ride  away  from  enemies, if  you  want  lots  of  money  ,  if  you  want  to  go   foreign  ,  if  you  want  happiness  and  peace in  your  life  ,  if  you  want  to get  ride  from  court  cases  ,  you  want  promotion  in  your  job , want  to  get   ride  from  evils , want  to   get   ride   from  dieases , so , you  can  use  the  vashikaran  ritual in all that cases.

1-vashikaran mantra

2-vashikaran ketotke

3-vashikaran anushthan

4-vashikaran tantra

5-vashikaran yantra

6-vashikaran anghuti

7-vashikaran kawach

8-vashikaran kajal

9-vashikaran sindoor

10-vashikaran tilak

11-vashikaran mala/rosary

12-vashikaran candle/mombatti

13-sarvjan vashikaran

14-paan vashikaran

15-methai vashikaran

16-clove/long vashikaran

17-ilachi vashikaran

18-kapoor vashikaran

19-fool vashikaran

20-khoon se vashikaran

21-payal vashikaran

22-putli se vashikaran

23-baal se vashikaran

24-dhool se vashikaran


For  doing  women’s  vashikaran  start  the  ritual  at  early  morning  and  complete it  within  four  hours. For  doingvashikaran  ritual  mesh lagan, kanya lagan ,dhanu lagan, are  seems  to  be  best.

The  days  that  are  seems  or observe  to  good  are   jyestha, anuradha , rohini ,ashleshanakshtras.

The direction which is best suited are  north direction , this dirction always  gives  best results of vashikaran. For getting  best results of vashikaran the basantritu festive  provides good results.

Vashikaran mantra for mens and womens –

Om namokamakhyadevi is rorpgarvita ,madhumayni

Gajgaminiyovanmayi ;…………’ko is premras me bandhe

(chant the name of the person whom you want to attract )

How To Do Vashikaran