How To Make Your Dreams Come True

You will need:

One purple candle

One long copper wire

One matchstick

First of all you have to burn the candle and chant the words by heart saying   my dream is to become a rich person, my dream is to  live  luxury life , and  I  want  to  live  a  happy life without  any sorrow and sadness.

After  doing  this  you have  to  make  a  no. of  knots  from  copper  wire  like say  your first  dream and tie one knot, exactly like  say  your  second  dream  and  again tie  a  knot ,I this  way  whatever  your  dreams  is  tie  one  knot and repeat your  dreams .

Now, just blow the candle ,leave the candle at that place and knots of wire  also.

On every Saturday night repeat this with new dream at 11 times and burn the candle again.

And on  the next  day  open  up  all  the  knots  and  say  thank  you  god  for  fulfilling  my dreams  and  I  wish  my dream  will soon comes  true.

The knotted  wire  that  you have  open  up  drop  it  into  the  running  water or river.

Timing: on any Saturday night continuously   for  7weeks.

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