How To Kill Enemy

Maran  mantra is used to kill enemy .it  is a hidden weapon to kill the enemy. The enemy does not have physical appearance  while using maran mantra. Maran Mantra leaves no marks on the enemy's body. Maran Mantra is the tantric power which can be used by any man or woman to move towards the dead. Using the maran Mantra, the enemy  will get trapped in the clutches of Yama, the god of death. Using the Chanting Mantra, the enemy can be killed due to physical discomfort or without suffering. Some enemies are hidden ,so some are visible from the front. Enemies can be your neighbours, relatives, servants, or office colleagues. The enemy snatches your night's sleep and chases the day.
 The enemy can do some harm to you like this:
1- The enemy stops obstructing your progress.
2- Damages the  business.
3- The enemy does not let you grow.
4- The enemy grabs your business.
5- The enemy takes over your property.
6- The enemy kidnaps your children.
7- The enemy separates your offspring from you.
8- The enemy uses black magic by using the Tantric verb in your house or at the business place, so that the members of the house get kind of sickness.
9- Money is lost.
10- The members of the house get depressed

11- The battle between husband and wife started.
12- not good relation between father and son.
13- It is common for families to suffer from paralysis, cancer, skin diseases, dementia, childbirth, not to offspring, breaking the relationship of a daughter or son, with the influence of the tantric action of the enemy.
To eliminate the enemy or to bring his intellect on the right path, should chant the Mantra of the mother Bangla Mukhi. Mother Bangla mukhi  will eliminate your enemy. Mother Bangla is also called Pitambari Devi. In their sadhana, pale material is used in yellow, including yellow colored.


How  To Kill Enemy