How To Do Black Magic

If your enemy has ruined your life ,family and made your life hell if Your enemy has separated your daughter or son from you. Your wife is against you. The enemy has ruined your wealth. The enemy has taken possession of your property. The enemy has tightened the problem in your job. The enemy has grabbed your business. In such a difficult situation, you can help black magic. Using black magic, you can solve your problem by taking revenge from your enemy or ruining it. Now I am telling you some simple ways to do the black magic

1- If in the enemy's house, you buried the needles of saahi ,you will see the  conflict will begins in your enemy’s house.

2- If the owl bone is inserted in any way in the enemy's house then the enemy is destroyed.
3- If the pitcher's ashes are put in the enemy's house, then the enemy will leave the house and run away.
4- If the chanting of maran mantra is used on the enemy, then the enemy will die.


How To Do Black Magic