How Can Remove Black magic

The use of black magic has been done through any medium in the whole world. Black magic is sometimes  used  for  his  own goods or  to   kill  the  enemy. Black magic can be used either by self or by some knowledgeable person. Black magic methods and their results are also found in many ways. Using black magic, physical and mental problems also have to be taken along with family loss. The use of black magic (i.e., an accidental death of anyone) Vashikaran (compulsion to force anyone to do his work of humility), incurable disease like paralysis (paralysis, cancer), madness (half-mad or full nuts) Child hindrance, marriage hindrance (divorce, relationship breakage, crack in love relations), or stalling of business due to walking, house fire, burglary, accident by death blows members as get to see the damage | There is a lot of energy in the universe. Some energy is positive, then some energy is negative. the negative energy  which is present in the universe is used as a black magic. The nature of every person living on earth is different. Some people are of kind nature, so some of them are envious of nature. Envy or jealous people are present around us. It is very important to know here that your happiness and your fame, love of your family and social harmony can make anyone your enemy. Some enemies fight in front and some enemies hide behind them. Some enemies are also those who see or denote that they are your best friend or auspicious. But necessity is to avoid such enemies. One of the most famous and hidden weapons of enmity is black magic. By Using black magic, the enemy completely ruins you and your family, and does not leave any clues on your body or around you.

1- Give the person affected by black magic to feed the seven petals of the rose.
2- prepare one lamp made up of wheat flour and light up the lamp with mustard oil by putting the black thread's lights on it, throw it seven times above the affected person with black magic. After transplanting, put all the ingredients in the root of Pepal.
3- now take ,Black salt and pepper. Five types of pulses, Five types of grains ,Close the water of five queues in a pot and put it on any crossroads by throwing it five times above the affected by black magic. Do not look back and see while coming back.


How Can  Remove Black magic