How To Protect Yourself From Black Magic

You will need:

Black colour clay

A black candle

One incense stick

One piece of lohban(myrrh)

One black colour bag


First of all you have to use black clay, make a doll or statue of that person whom  you think has  done  black  magic  on  you.

Now burn the black candle and incense stick also.

Now give smoke to the doll of incense stick at 9times.

While doing this, pray that you are the bad person ,go out from my life ,go to your own place wherever you like but please live me alone and don’t come back again.

Repeat this words 11times.

Now light off the candle ,let the incense stick and myrrh burn.

Whenever the incense stick complete burn ,collect the ashes and put it on the ,pack the doll into a  black colour bag.

Now go to a silent place and say you the bad person get out from my life do not come again with me.where ever you want just go ,but rom now do not come back in my life again.

Timing: full moon

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