Family Crises Spell Caster

Creating The Right Energies At Home

A traditional  ritual to remove bad atmosphere and bad energies from your home

You will need -a round black stone and a white one | timing – fool moon day and night | yhe spell – hold the black stone  in your open cupped hands , naming whatever you want to lose quarreling sickness , or lethargy , say over and over , be filled with negativity I seek to lose , grow heavy with the ( name ) no linger  no longer in my home , become a stranger , far to room ,when the stone seems heavier , cast it into water or bury it in earth where nothing grows saying , you are gone , you are done , I have more of you , your power is through  leave the white stone outdoors for a full sunlit day and full moon |set it in a bright spot in your home saying , attract positivity , happiness and peace , stone of hope ,stone of light , may your power never cease | every fool moon , leave the stone for a full twenty four hour outdoors ,


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