Enemy kill Tips

To destroy the enemy Destiny, take four capsules of sugarcane and fill it in a jar, praying for the destruction of enemy and creating a house on a paper, by typing the name of enemy nine times outside the house. Put the inside of the jar and close the tight lid of the jar. Now let the jar flow in any flowing water. While flowing the jar, pray to destroy your enemy. Say bad words to the enemy. And say the enemy you should be away from me forever.
On Tuesday evening go to a deserted intersection and take a yellow lemon and write the name of your enemy with the ink of the Kajal and go to any intersection and cut lemon into the four pieces with the help of the Chaku and throw it around the crossroads. When taking action, pray for the enemy to get rid of and try to kill his enemy.
On Saturday evening, dig deep a few hundred feet in a deserted place and put 56 grains of rice and 108 grains of urad to pray for the destruction of enemy. Squeeze the lemon over the urad and rice. After covering the cistern, cover an iron nail on it. With this remedy, your enemy will get death.

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