Enemy Kill By Tantrik Power

Today I am telling you the tantric method of killing the enemy. By which to whom your enemy will be away from you or it will die in the future. Keep in mind that using the Tantrik method of killing the enemy will result in something or someone who has bad influence on it. Therefore, whenever the use of Tantric Evolution of the Maratha war, then donate cow's donation in a month when the moon is decreasing, ie, from the second day of the full moon to the new moon, do this remedy. This is a very effective solution, do not hesitate in any doubt or doubt in doing this. The best day to do this remedy of enemy killings is Saturday. After just 12 o'clock in the night on Saturdays, take a little black clay in an iron bowl and add black gram flour and Thinner in it too. Now put the black candle in the middle of the roti in the middle of the bowl and burn it. Now seeing that candle, it seems like your enemy is burning. Or the enemy is going away from you. At that time, you should request that as the earth does not stop this soil of the earth, in the same way our enemy will also go crazy and die agonizingly. If possible, put that clay on such a strain where your enemy always passes. If this is not possible, then let the soil flutter in the water running along with the candle. While flowing the soil, request that your enemy be destroyed in such a way that you want.

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