Enemy Destroy

To use enemy fire. To destroy the enemy.. In addition to spiritual mantras and tricks to kill the enemy, the ghosts are also supported. Today, I am telling you a better tactic to destroy the enemy. If you do this trick with a sincere and honesty, it will definitely benefit.
According to the measure, taking a green petha at twelve o'clock on Saturday night, the name of the enemy with black ink was written in such a way that when you cut the box, the enemy's name should be cut. Now when the green peetha is divided into two equal parts, after the cutting of green peetha, after which the white part is cut, then also black with black ink. Now put the remaining black ink on the pot and keep a nail, black sesame, black pepper with it and wrap it in black cloth and flush it in the river of flowing water. Keeping the name of the enemy while carrying out the solution and flowing.

In another solution - On Saturday, take a leather black shoe and write the name of the enemy on his sword and hang the house anywhere. With this remedy, the enemy will leave you forever.



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