Easy Totke To Get Your Love Back

In any month of shuklapaksh  starting from first month till poornima , at shamshan or any  silent place ,you have to take one statue of kali  and provide  her sindoor and from your small fingure blood make bheravi chakra and light one oil lamp in front of that chkara . during the worship of kali  put gudhal, flowers, sindoor, jau, oil, lahsun, feather of cock, and 108 ingridients to the fire(hawan). On amavasya pray in front of kali maa .

After  getting this  siddhi  mix your 5drops  of  urine  with horse leed . Whenever you  put  this  drop  in any womens ear  she  will instantly  come  in your control.and she  will  be  falling  your  orders for lifetime, Whatever you want  she will be  ready to do. If  any  lady has headache than  after you can also take advantage you can easily put some drops on her head.

Take  Kakjangha , durva ,  bhorekapankha, root of tagad ,  and mix it well ,make a powder   and chant the mantra  which  is  given below for 21 times  ,whenever you want to do vashikaran of your lover than put some pinch of powder on his/her head .she/he  will  come  in your control and  become your follower.


Mantra :-

Kakjangasitabhramrokrishtmutpalm ,

Mulanyatagrajamchesamchunnicharpatamvimoh yet,


Spell Caster to Get Your Love Back