Dushman Kill By Voodoo Doll

(Black magic death statue of the African poet)

The clothes of the enemy, dressed in the sweat of the enemy, the nails of the enemy and the urine of the enemy , make a statue of the enemy by mixing it with a little flour. Put the enemy's hair in a pupil like this, that the root of hair  should have gone inside the statue. And the outer part of  hair should be outside. Now put the pupil wrapped in a cloth of the enemy with sweat.

Due to a needle of iron, dip the needle in either for twenty four hours and leave it. After this, remove the needle and put it on the leaves of the oak.

In the night of Amavasya, in the cremation ground or in the cemetery, prove the enemy's effigy and needle one hundred times in the Chanting. After the end of the Mantra, keeping the image of the enemy in mind, pierce the needle soaked with either in any part of the pupil. Keep in mind that the enemy image can not be removed from your attention. The enemy will start hurting with the pain as soon as you pin the needle. If this needle is pierced in the navel of the enemy's pupil, then the enemy will suffer from pain and die.

If the effigy is burnt in the fire, negative energy will reach the body of the enemy through hair and the enemy will die after being mad.

Kill The Enemy