Black Shoe For Business Growth

If  your  enemy  or  your  business  rivals  has  done  some   black  magic  or  any  tantra-mantra to  destroy  your  business  because  of  jelousy  and  just because of  this  your  all  business is  at  last stage or  going   to  be  destroyed  then  immediately use  the  following  spell   but  one  thing  should  be  clear  that  while  doing  this  spell  your  soul  should  be  pure , if  you  will  do  this  spell  according  to  the  given  instruction  then  you  will  get  immediate  results  and  the  effect of  this  spell  is  for  life  time  .

Ingredient – mantra siddhi  pran-prathistha ‘ black horse shoe ‘ , black cloth , original sindoor , plate , perfume , flowers , woods stick , siddh  shani  yantra etc.

Rosary – black  hakik

Cloth to be wear – red dhoti

Day- Saturday

Direction – west

Time- around 10pm

Mantra counting – 27000 times

Season – 27th day ( sataiysa )

Mantra – om nilanjan smabhans raviputra ymagrajam |

                   chayamartand sambhut  tan  namami shanesharan||

 spell -  on  any  shanipushpya  yog  you  can  start this spell . first  of  all  at  10pm  after bathing wear  rel  dhoti   and  face  should  be  in  west  direction . now , take wooden bajot or stick tied it with black cloth and put it on plate , and  also placed shani  yantra   and  black  shoe ,now  put  some  red  sindoor , flowers , perfume , dhoop-agarbatti  , light  one  lamp  also .  after  doing  all this  take  black  hakik  rosary  and  start  chanting  mantra  which  is  given  above . you have  to  chant  the  mantra  at  27000  times .  after  completing  the  mantra  wear  this  black  hakik  rosary   in  your  neck  and  place  the  black  shoe  anywhere  like  in  your  home , office  or  shop.  After doing  this  spell  you  will see  within  few  days  your  business will grow  and  you will  only  gain  profit  your  enemy  cannot  dare  to  destroy  your  business .

Original Black Shoe