Black Magic And Negative Energy Removal Tips

Negative energy  not only harm the body but also the house. Due to the entry of negative energy in the body, there are kinds of diseases. Disease does not appear even after examining all the facts. The blood of the body starts drying. The body gets black or yellow. Thousands of illnesses such as diabetes or kidney or jaundice, stone, cancer, albinism, white spots and cataracts surround the body. Half of the man's time is cut in the line of doctors. In the body of a man feels a prick like needles. The man gets irritable. Many times man becomes mad too. The body starts to sweat in sweat. As soon as the hair becomes white. Many times man goes to bald.
1- Obstacles are received in children.
2- Anyone who is a victim of negative energy can kill paralysis.
3- The man becomes half mad or completely crazy.
4- The idea of ​​self-murder in the mind of a man or woman comes again and again.
5- The number of enemies increases.
6- Dude or relatives also become enemies.
7- Pooja does not seem to be in the text or God.
8- Bad thoughts come about goddesses.
9- Do not feel like studying.
10- The job is lost or transferred.
11- Officers have to face resentment.
12- Business does not feel like it.
13- The business gets stalled.
14- The debt goes up.
15- Wives leave with their children.
16- Children do not believe in saying.
17- Servants or employees stole from work, steal, go on strike.
18- A person with negative energy does not sleep in the night.
19-night nightmares come awful.
20- Fear in the dream.
21- Not sleep from one o'clock to three o'clock in the night.
22 - The shoe lace opens automatically.
In the house, due to the negative energy coming in the house, there is no fire in the house. Household goods seem to be stolen. Money kept in the house suddenly disappears. Clothing disappears from inside the house. Money is spent in sickness. Family dispute started without any reasons . The members of the house start to die accidentally. Home pets die. Basil planted in the house suddenly goes to happiness. Smells from inside the house. There is also a lot of intense fragrance from inside the house. The sound of someone walking in the house comes. Suddenly the members of the house start to see any shadows. Pathways suddenly start raining in the house. The plaster of the house is crushed. The cat goes into the house indoors. Snakes inside the house, or other poisonous insects begin to get coconut.

How To Remove Black Magic Or Evil Eye