Advance Home Remedies To Stop Domestic Violence Between Husband And Wife

Husband or wife or both can take this remedy together. Keep in mind that one solution is done on the same day i.e., do not do two remedies on the same day. Before doing the solution, pray to your East Guru that your remedy is successful.
1- After the afternoon of wednesday, stand in front of the male elephant (in front of which two big teeth have emerged) pray to remove the pain of the house. Five kg of  sweetcane or three dozen bananas will be fed. Carefully pass it through the cross from the elephant to this side.
2- Go to  the bottom of the elephant's foot and lift it in the opposite direction from the top of your head and put it in a well.
3- On Saturday, blow nine birds with your hands. In which two black birds must be two green and two blue birds.
4- On the evening of Wednesday, after wrapping one kilogram of barley in one meter red cotton cloth, keep it under heavy stone in any dark place of the house.
Doing this will remove the pain of your home. The crisis that has come upon the family will be removed. The enemies will be defeated. Will get rid of the lawsuit. The fear of the police or the court will end. If a divorce has occurred between husband and wife, then the relationship between husband and wife will become sweet without divorcing. Relationship will not break , Anger will remain calm. Illness will be prevented. Honor will be received. The hurdle in education will end. The hurdle in business will end. The hurdle coming in the job will get elevated. The bad effect of witchcraft will end. It will start raining in the house. Children will get pleasure.

Remedies for getting rid of Domestic Voilence Between Couples