Achook Vashikaran

In every human being, a particular type of vashikaran energy and vashikaran magnetic power works. And through this vesting power, man has become so secretive. This vashikaran power is the human power of man. This vashikaran works in hypnosis. Those seekers who attain the spiritual practice of Vashikaran also use it for collective emancipation. For the test, look in the eyes of the cat in a dark room. The eyes of the cat will hypnotize you, which will put your energy inside the cat and you will be in the control of the cat. In another kind of test, you should break the hair of your head and hang it at some place. Keep in mind that your fingers are completely cleaned and the hair is hanging in a place where there is no slight blink of air on it. Now slowly take fingers to the hair, you will see that if you have some distance, hair will be attached to the finger. Just like the magnet pulls the nail on its side. In the second use of vashikaran, let's touch your fingers on the frontal of a healthy person and take a breath. The person will be able to close his eyes soon after experiencing the sarcasm. After two minutes, if you ask him to have pain in his head, he will immediately respond to yes. And many times he will answer without asking. The body's massage, head massage, and the touch of the body of someone with the fingers can also be seen immediately. Special exercises of captivating power gain a lot of benefit. The self power of the seeker prevails. The mind gets control. The best effect of vashikaran power is on physical or mental health. With the power of vashikaran, another person gets affected immediately. Vashikaran power can be carried out in the body of another and it can also be cured.

Vashikaran Totka
1 - Take a picture of any woman or man to be possessed, or take fresh photo and put the soil under the elephant on it and bind the picture and clay in a red cloth and put it in a bottle filled with honey and say Keep hidden then it will be full of life in the custody of a man or a male seeker. It is a triumph tried, its effect is visible within three days.

Vashikaran mantra

| Sarw mangal maangley sarw sadhike sharnye trambike gauri ( amukam ) vasham kuru kueu swahaa  ||

For vashikaran , repeat this very impressive mantra one hundred eight times daily. In the mantra, the name of the desired woman or man should be written in place of Amuk.

Other beneficial experiments kinds for vashikaran

To bring peace to the family, to remove losses in business or business, to subdue the offspring, to overcome distress from the family, to get rid of the barrier in marriage, to get rid of disease To overcome the problem of financial problems, to overcome mental stress, for love marriage, for success in love, to subdue the enemy or to make friends, take control of the officer For who received upset to persuade the wife or husband, love to celebrate his or her partner's family for marriage,