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What  Is  Black  Magic

The term ‘black magic’ means different things to different people , although , it is commonly defined  as  magic  with an  evil , nefarious or selfish purpose. The definition of black magic used in the context of this bookIs “malefic witchcraft” which is intended to cause harm , although thejudgement of whether it   is evil or not is a subjective one.

It frequently involves the invocation of spirits , although this is not always the case. It is nearly always socially unacceptable and its existence is both denied and feared by the ignorant . black magic is not devil worship,nor it necessarily Satanism.

Black magic helps to keep the scales of justice balanced. The prevalence of injustice is often the reason for the growth of black magic. Black magic  is a means by which people can obtain the protection and retribution they cannot receive by conventional means. This is another way in which black magic can foster healing and balance.


Black magic can be used for the following purposes:

To obtain protection from criminals .the ;aw , witchcraft and bad spirits.

To triumph in legal matters

To remove unwanted persons

To obtain information about an enemy and to know his secrets

To gain success in business

To destroy anyone who is against you

To obtain wealth and power

To control and command others.


Black  Magic  Revenge  Spell  Caster

Black  magic  revenge  spell  caster  specialist  happy  baba  ji who  is  world  wide  famous  for  his spells, remedies , and ritual. Black magic  which  is  practiced  throughout  the  black  magic  anyone  can start dancing  on  your  finger.  people  do  black  magic  mainly  to  harm  others like  by black  magic  your  business  will get  destroy, you  get  separated  from your  loved  ones , your  body  get  paralysed , you  have  mental disorders , suddenly  fire  catches  in your  house , children become  ill , accidents happen , so  all these are  some  symptoms  that  black  magic  can  done .while  many  victims  of  black  magic  never  know  why  they  suffer  what  appears  to  be  random  misfortune,   so  if  you  think  that  you  are  also  going  through all these  type  of problem or  you  think  that  your  enemy  want  to  kill you  by  black  magic  or he/she wants  to destroy your carrier etc. so if you alsowant   to  take revenge  from black  magic and  want to  get  ride   from   all   these   problems  , then   immediately  contact  with   happy   baba  ji  . he  is   the  best  black   magic   revenge spell   caster.  His   ancestors    were  also   specialist   of   this. Thousands   of   people   got benefit    from    him. He    is    a   devotee  ofmaa   kali   and   shiva. His   magical   powers   are god   gifted. By   using   his   super   magical   power   he   will   solve   your  all   problems . and the   best  thing   is  that  once  you   will  get  the  solution   from  happy  baba ji , no  one  can dare  to   harm  you.

The  Power  Of  Black  Magic

While many victims of witchcraft never know why they suffer what appears to be random misfortune , sometimes people who have no belief in the power of black magic  and its power. Black magicians understand that all malefic witchcraft is not necessarily intentional. It can be caused by ill-feelings , jealousy and even the admiration of own  person by another , which is commonly called “EVIL EYE”. Witchcraft is not a religion in this formal sense of the term, rather , it is a universal practice based on esoteric science and spiritualism. For doing  the  black magic it is important that it should  be  done by  experienced person. Black magic the powerful  spell,ritual,remedies that are used  to  kill or harm  any  person who  is  your enemy. If  your  enemy is  far from you and still he/she  is  harming  you ,in this  case  also you  can  take  the  help  of  black magic.  If  you  want  to  take  revenge from your enemy  then also  you  can  take  the  help of  black magic  by  which  your enemy  will get  die .

Money  Magic  Spell

You  will  need:

Large  piece  of  metal  or  copper

Ginger powder

Black bag


 First  all  you  have  to  add  piece  of  metal  or  copper  into  the  bag and  also  add  some  pinches  of  ginger  powder   and  pray  from  god that ,I have  no  gold , no silver  please  fill  my  life  with  fortune  and  happiness. I want  to  live  a  luxury  life , want  to  be  richest  person.

After  doing  this  add  some  more  pinches  of  ginger  into  the  bag . and  repeat  the  same  prayer.

Now  packed  your  bag  and  shake  it  9  times  and  at  every  time  repeat  your  prayer.

 Place  the  bag  in  your  almira    or  drawer   where  you  put  your  money. And  continuously  7  days  repeat  this  procedure

Within   a   few   days  you  will  see    that  in  whole  life  you  will  not  face  financial  crises.


Timing : start at  Saturday night


How To Remove Black Magic Or Negativity

You will need:

A handful of black soil

2tablespoon of salt

One wooden box

21 paper pins,

5dried  rose petals

Bitter  white vinegar or you can take a bear/wine.


On any Tuesday ,add some pinch of salt and black soil into the box and pray that  protect  me from those  who hates me ,or want to harm me .any type of negative energy please go back .

Now add a 1 paper pin into the jar and repeat the same words.

After that add some dried rose petals into it , and close the box now shake it well for 11times and continuously repeat that words that  any type of black magic, negativity please go back from my mind and soul.

Now mix the white vinegar into jar and all the 21paper again shake the box at 11 times and repeat the prayer at 11 times.

After doing this silently go to a place where no one can see you , just buried the box under the ground.and come back to home .

One thing should be remember while coming back to home do not move back or talk with any person on the way.

Timing: start from any Tuesday till continuous 18 days.


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