By chanting the Mantras of wife Vashikaran for her husband under the husband's control, the wife would become her husband's slave once you recite the mantras. Regardless of the nature of the wife, it can be insane in love through the Vashikan mantra. If a wife comes to the close of a relative relative or her mother's words and deals with her husband or her family, then the wife can be taken under the spell of vashikaran. Vashikaran's Mantra can be used even if the wife does not come back from her mother or parents home. If the wife has filled for a dowry or a fraud  litigation against the husband or husband's family members, then the woman can be filled with love for her husband under the spell of Vashikaran mantra.


१- Om namoapsaraadevikoaadesh ||

Jalmohuthalmohujangalkihirnimohu ||

Palangkiraanimihu ||

( amuk ) komohu ||

Mam vashyamkurukuruswahaa ||


Wife / StriVashikaran Mantra