Meditation vashikaran

To fulfill your resolve.To end the obstacles coming in any work.To achieve success in any type of work.To concentrate on the mind.To expel the dirty air from inside the body.Wealth, happiness, prosperity, job, business, education, foreign travel, marriage barrier.To destroy the enemy.To attain the grace of God.To remove the disease. To remove black magic For attraction , To refine the form and beauty. To Increase the eye sight ,

1- As soon as we get up in the morning, on your palms, through your own finger, Anamika finger, you write what you want. Your thought work will definitely be done.
2- When sitting in the position of Padmasan on a checkpost or mat, close your eyes and then remembering your desire, putting fingers in both your ears and letting the outside sound not let it go. This meditation posture should be done for a total of one minute.
3- Sitting in the position of Padmasana on a post or mat, take out your breathe  repeatedly and put them on the inside side again and again. After doing this action for about five minutes, close the knots of both hands and close your eyes and stop your entire meditation to stop your breathe . Now consider your dreams to be fulfilled in your mind completely. And concentrate on your own. You will see that your body will suffer for your breathe . And your mind will concentrate and urge the universe to fulfill your wish. You will see that your dreams will be fulfilled soon. Keep the breathe As much as you can ,

4- Enlarge your surroundings in the light of a lamp and move it to the cosmos. And then come back while reducing the circle. This is also called DhanKuber Mudra.
Do not let negative thoughts go in the way of your positive thinking. Keep in mind that your idea is a seed which will soon co-operate with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Meditation vashikaran