Husband Wife Fight And Dispute Problem Solution

It is said that there are two wheels of a family . If one of them stops, the family is destroyed. There is a lot of thing common  about the worse  relationships between husband and wife. Like any other woman or man entering between husband or wife. The problem of sautan takes the husband &  wife's relationship to divorce. In the middle of the relationship between husband and wife, the intervention of family members is also  a cause for the problem.
Even if the horoscope of any one of the spouses is suffering from Mangal Dosh, the relationship of both will never be sweet.
If the horoscope of the husband or wife is not correctly matched at the time of marriage, the problem remains the same. When matching the horoscope, other major fault in horoscope should be considered. Gandak and cunt should be seen in the horoscope. If the male or female slave is a demon and if the other is God, then how will the relationship between both of them work? Similarly, if both spouse or wife is from any snake cobra ancester then both of them are sure to die.
Husband or wife's relationship is not pleasant even in Pitar's fault or time snake defect or eclipse defects. Therefore, if the relationship between husband and wife is not sweet, often there is a fight between them, then any scholar Brahmin should show the horoscope of husband and wife. And the relationships of husband and wife can be made sweet by doing the remedies given by them.
Solution :
1- taking a 250grams of rash of coal and circling seven times around  your head and flowing into water.
2- wear  gomad   gems.
3- married couple should remarried  in the temple.
4- A coconut and fourty three coins flow till fourty three days |
5- Tie the knot in the clothes worn by husband and wife and keep them hidden.
Measures to subdue husband:
on Any Holi, Diwali or Dushehra can be recited by studying this mantra one hundred eight times and can be used to subdue the husband
mantra :
|| Kali KaliMaha Kali Mama PatiyaVaishnKuruKuruSwaha ||
Measures to subdue the wife:
In any auspicious time, after bathing in the morning of Holi, Diwali or Dushehra you can read this mantra one thousand eight times and husband will control of wife, if after proving this mantra, sweets in any way If the wife is fed and proven, then the wife will become a slave for life.
mantra :
|| Item ItemItemMadi Blossom (name of wife) NamniAmuksriupamVasamKuruKuruSwaha ||

Note - Do not allow garbage or junk inside the house. Remove the trash from home. Do not let the clutter in the house stop or the closed calculator, the computer. Make regular baths. Always use light aroma. Use red color at least in the sleeping room. Love Bird in the bedroom or take pictures while loving Krishna and Radhaka. Immediately remove the picture of the ancestors from the temple inside the house. No statue in the temple of the house should be broken. Do not keep any silver idols or behavior in the temple of the house. Always clean the house by adding salt in cleaning water. The wife should feed her husband husband in any way. | In the house, let the slow melody of Gayatri Mantra play a little late in the evening.

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