Divorce And Dispute Problem Solutions Specialist

Divorce is a curse, divorce of husband and wife  means that their  bad times has started. The number of cases of divorce in the courts is increasing day-by-day. It seems that some people have understood the wedding as a toy only. Marriage is a sacred bond. By taking divorced, God's grace goes away from the family. The kind of trouble comes on the family decreases the blessing of god. Decision to get a divorce should be final.
One of the main reasons for divorcing is that there is a major reason for the relationship between husband and wife in order to save the family and to keep the relationship of wife and husband intensely. Do not take any complaint seriously, because the mistake is always done by a human being. Never come in someone else influence.

Affair is also the reason for the  divorce of the husband or wife
The horoscope also becomes the reason for the divorce.
mangal defect in any one’s horoscope become the reason for divorce.
or any type of tantric action is also a major cause of divorce
Measures to prevent divorce:
On any Wednesday evening, during the sunset, with a kilo of barley and four kg of raw milk on the banks of any river or canal flowing water, chanting the mantra given below, wash the barley in the milk, Flush into And request that her divorce be stopped. This remedy is very effective.
मंत्र :

Om ran rahwenamah

ॐ रां रहवे नमः
1- Use rose perfume after regular bath.
2- Husband and wife should eat in the same plate.
3- Use only one pillow on the bed.
4- Keep the pair of Love Bird ducks in the bedroom
5- Quickly remove fight-related photos from inside the house.
6- Put a pair of white elephant in the bedroom, in such a way that its face should be towards the door.
7- Use Vascular Equipment
8- Vashikaran Kajal will also be used.


Husband Wife Divorce And Dispute Problem Solutions Specialist