Black Magic Removal Tips

If you are suffering from black magic. If there is no prosperity in your home ,if there is always conflict in your house . family members  always remain ill , so, at any  Sunday night, put fifty fifty grams of black salt in each room and put it on some paper and put it in a corner. Until morning, let him stay on the same. First of all, pick up the black salt of all rooms and collect it in an envelope and place it near any dirty flowing drain and throw all the salt into the water in the drain. Do not look back and see while coming back. Do not talk to anyone. Come back home and wash your hands outside the house. Taking salt from the house, from inside the main door of the house, I said, 'Unfortunately, I am setting you off from my house. Come with me, never come back to me or return to my house again.' Unfortunately, I'm going to leave you on where you will be happy. And let me be happy even here.

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